sigur rós // concert photographs

i could hear the sporadic cheers start from the front row and soon we all gathered to see them on stage. the night wasn’t clear and we could see the clouds pile on. it was risky business but none of us cared. rain is water and water is in all of us. i will say i wish they played more of the songs i liked, but who doesn’t? however, i am soooo grateful to see them. i don’t think they come by very often and to see them live was always something i’ve wanted to do. i feel so fortunate. they poured their hearts and energy into the time they gave us. i never knew this, and maybe this is a new development, but i am a drum fan. never thought about it, but with live concerts, i really can’t escape the pumped up feeling. music don’t care who you are. it was the lights, it was the voice, it was the complete existence of being there at that moment as the rain started falling right on my head. i was so ecstatic. i immediately felt like we were all being showered with the most peaceful kind of awareness. nothing mattered, but being there. being present.


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