spreading love

Lights will guide you home
And ignite your bones
And I will try to fix you

-fix you by coldplay


As natural as anything grown in the soil,
There is a light that grows in our inner core
Streaming out when we smile to the world.

Hold onto this guide in you,
The world can be hard to navigate.
Dark waters can drown us if we fall.

But if we unite together like family,
Darkness becomes the light we have.

the power of the people
(originally posted on December 5, 2016)

Strength in kindness,
compassion, and love
Comes from one person,
Standing with another & another.
Holding hands & protecting each other.

Unconditional Love
(originally posted on April 10, 2015)

a love so strong
tides and floods,
battles and loss
can never defeat.
love that renews
its strength
over and over
isn’t perfect
not even close
if ever lost,
a thousand moments
will be dedicated
to rebuild a love
like this

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