this morning

20150703_110954I’ve become a part of the morning. Sleep doesn’t sit well with me lately because my body has gotten used to my odd sleeping hours. Before I know it, I see the light stream through the kitchen blinds. It’s quiet everywhere. It seems so innocent and peaceful and I forget for a moment that the world isn’t like this all the time. It’s not even 6am and I feel this consuming energy.

Before physically sitting up from bed and walking to the living room, I let my eyes rest and listened to the fan blow air in the humid existence that is summer. I thought about my health, my future and the delicious ramen noodles I ate last night.


I tried the spicy one with roasted chicken this time and it was really good. After I tried his curry one, it didn’t taste the same. It’s interesting how quickly perceptions can change like that.

When I finally got up, I walked passed the fan and I immediately thought of being on an airplane. It made sounds like the ones you notice in the background when you settle in your seat and decide to try to nap to pass the time on the flight.

Seeing the light through the window is like a “We are open” sign on the doors of shops. It’s the signal to early risers who need to get ready or they’ll be late for work. The light represents a new day unlike the one from yesterday. The pigeons will scavenge for food, the buses will make frequent rounds and I will be me, like you, making things happen and living today as to how we perceive life to be at this moment in time.

Good morning to you.


Photos presented were from past events.


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