Passion isn’t solely represented in the final product of someone’s creation. Being passionate towards something or someone is one in which takes a lot of time, energy and patience. I don’t think it needs any other qualities than that. It can be seen in the devoted late nights of doing research on this one particular area of interest. Passion can be felt in the soreness of your muscles from the energy exerted to learn more about the chosen subject, project or idea. It requires a kind of loyalty that comes from endless times of making mistakes or re-examination or further analysis. Passion is consuming.

Passion (originally posted on September 16, 2014)

My body
Blinded by inner sensations
Cause and location are unknown.
Feeling gutted in the heart.
Feeling heavy from the start.
Feeling force in the mind.
Passion is not light.
It does not breed weakness.
Passion is a fight
For feeling what’s right.
Time is timeless
Will is all that matters.


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