sweet memories

when i was a child, my mom loved feeding us kids fruit. she'd slice up oranges, taught us to eat pineapples, showed that some fruit had seeds, some needed skins peeled. she gave us cherries in the summer. it was so delicious. i am so grateful for it all. the sweetness, the taste itself. it's [...]


Thank you

I seem to have made some loyal blogging friends. Thank you for coming to visit this site and reading what I've posted. I am often surprised to wake up with notifications of feedback from posts I've written long ago or just a day ago. Please know that I value your support and time. My heart [...]

ripple effect

Dangling feet above pristine waters, Edging closer to mirror depths of reflection. Safety speaks in whispers from the coast Where sands and shrubs lay their roots. Curious cat dipped in the sacred waters, Circular ripples echoed along far beyond, Shattering the skies in a thousand pieces.

those rainy days

Sweet refreshing rain swept across the restless state. Falling onto city rooftops cement floors and musical gutters of suburbia. Purely natural mists engulf the exhausting polluted air, Clearing away like steam off mirrors after a morning shower. Little pearls from cloudy treasure chests above in swirling skies, Painting the world in grayness as we walk [...]

Tears’ Task

“there’s beauty in the breakdown” said the band Frou Frou. Below are words from fellow blogger Julia of Life Matters. I read this poem a few days ago and can’t seem to forget the meaning of it. I wanted to share this in hopes that it gives meaning to some of you, too. Crying never used to be something I did often, but now that I’m older, it’s much more than ever. The older we get, the more we see and the more we understand. I think crying for me is a form of therapy, expression and as Julia said, courage.

Life Matters

I cry more than I used to,
……..about those hungry and destitute,
……..driven into torturous perils,
……..risking all for scant hope of survival

children alone, afraid of
war, neglect, poverty, loss of home,
still unable to frame the words,
yet choked by invisible strangleholds.

I weep more than ever for people hated
……..simply for the color of their skin,
……..the conviction of their heart,
……..the level of their competencies

for all caught, vice-grip-like,
in social disparity, mere pawns –
chess pieces – subject to
unbridled narcissism and greed.

I shed more tears than I used to
…….about dogs – cooped up – caged alone,
…….worse still, used for cruel sport,
…….or confined by metal chain

about marine life perishing in polluted seas
forests at risk, resources exploited,
water tainted, oil spilled, nighttime’s splendor
erased by light from torrid flame.

I’m grieved…

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to be in or out

Fabricated stories leaves us blind, While we run away from honest truths. Ease and comfort disguised under ruins Of mounds of sand burying useless metals. ... The morning light brightens darkened ways, A breathe inward brings peace on earth. Lovers embrace holds the universe in place. As pieces of nature carries my soul.

love for maru the cat

(I drew this sketch of him in one of those diet boxes he runs into) For as long as I remember, Maru the cat videos on YouTube has always made me smile. They are simple and short clips of him playing and being active. He has a friend now, too, named Hana. Maru is kind [...]

home // feb 29, 2016

(not my home, but the pink/orange/blue sky give me the nostalgic home feeling) Last year, I wrote the post below and saved it in my drafts. I wanted to ask fellow bloggers what made their home home. Since we all come from different backgrounds, I wanted to hear what others had to say about the [...]

dear theatre

...And the performances hold onto me even now when the day has passed far beyond a few hundred hours. I knew then that I wanted to profess my love to the theatre because there is something rare with this art. I had my first taste of it, being on stage, when I was just 8 [...]

writer’s block

Yearning for words that make sense, My mind wanders from one thought onto another. Loss for words and inspiration leaves me empty; Frustrated by fragmented pieces of ideas and feelings. Fully immersed into the craft, yet, betrayed by the process. Until the next moment when the connections meet, Will the creations become their identities. I [...]

the other perspective

(my dad took this photograph) It's interesting. I had a discussion recently with someone who questioned the decision of a person we knew. There were a lot of questions, concerns, but harsh judgements as well. It's a blessing and a curse being in our minds without a collective thought. Anyone who watches Star Trek may, [...]


Summer is revving up and the sun has lit up much of the land most of the day; spreading good vibes all around. I've been waiting for this time all year. But oddly and quite annoyingly, as I sit here typing this, I am yearning for the chilly mornings of winter hiking in which the [...]

drawing animated characters

I'm currently trying to practice being present. So I decided to draw a bit for a diy gift I'm giving for a birthday. It helps a whole lot in being focused and it's therapeutic. We've been watching lots of Hayao Miyazaki films lately and they're addicting. Philosophy, beautiful imagery and compelling stories is quite the [...]