the other perspective

(my dad took this photograph)

It’s interesting. I had a discussion recently with someone who questioned the decision of a person we knew. There were a lot of questions, concerns, but harsh judgements as well. It’s a blessing and a curse being in our minds without a collective thought. Anyone who watches Star Trek may, like me, think of mind melding and the collective consciousness. (I never thought I’d reference Star Trek, but there you go.) We don’t ever really know how someone’s doing, what they’re thinking and how they perceive things. Even if they tried to explain or show us, there’s no way in proving that what they see is how we see. I guess we try anyway.

It’s a blessing to have our own thoughts and identities. It’s what makes us all unique. It’s also the cause of the many paths and experiences that occur. If I go to one museum and a friend goes to the same one at another day or even the same day, their experience will be different from mine. Maybe they’ll be some things that are the same, but not exact. Their ideas and thoughts will not be the ones in my head necessarily.

However, it’s hard to really understand someone completely. This causes conflicts and divides. But maybe we don’t have to fully understand. Maybe the things that are similar are what keeps us connected. Like pain for me hurts as pain for you hurts. We can all relate in the human level. We all came from someone’s womb. We all feel things.

Not all judgements are bad. It’s how we decipher between good and bad, safety and violence, how we show care.. but, making needless, hurtful judgements on someone else’s life is sort of pointless. Is there a direct impact to your life? We all live our own lives. There’s too much difference in history and biology. What one may see as an advantage, another may see as a disadvantage. And yet there is judgement everywhere: faceless trolls on the internet, professional critics and the quiet voice in our heads. Maybe this is a defense mechanism or reflection of insecurities. Maybe it’s just out of entertainment. Maybe it’s just because it’s a habit and it’s acceptable. But maybe it doesn’t have to be any of those things.


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