home // feb 29, 2016

(not my home, but the pink/orange/blue sky give me the nostalgic home feeling)

Last year, I wrote the post below and saved it in my drafts. I wanted to ask fellow bloggers what made their home home. Since we all come from different backgrounds, I wanted to hear what others had to say about the feeling of home and what it means to them. In addition to the words below, I’d say that each of the places I lived in and considered home were not all the same. They had their distinguished comforts and unique characteristics. Maybe I’m biased, but the childhood room seems to be the room I felt most home in. Perhaps that’ll change one day, maybe not.

If you feel inspired to, may you answer this two-part question? How do you define home and how does it make you feel?

on this special day, i wanted to celebrate by writing about something close to my heart, home. i’ve lived in many places, as many of you have, and they’ve all been ones i called home. for me, my childhood room. the room i grew up in and watched a million sunrises from my window and heard a million buses drive by. it’s the room where birds would sing to me and where the cold winter air would freeze me and i’d snuggle under my warm blankets watching late-night tv and re-runs of the best of the best. it’s the room where i dreamed the most. no longer is this room the same as it was, but the feeling of it will live on.

maybe home is an idea, maybe it is a feeling, a thing we create and something we need to feel comfort, familiarity and ease.


2 thoughts on “home // feb 29, 2016

  1. To me, “home” means the people who are there: My childhood home with my parents and sister, my young adult home with my husband and four children, the growing-older home with young grandchildren and my own children as parents, the retirement era home with only my daughter and occasional visits from the family. Home is family.

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