believe in a little magic


The young grow up so fast. When meaning of words defined for the experienced becomes habitual validations for the youth, you know the world is changing. Morning becomes noon which becomes night all so quickly. Childhood play time become study time becomes life time. All we want isn’t all we want. The mass becomes diluted into smaller sections of varying categories; here, there, and everywhere. Romantics become cynics and roads become blocks and no one becomes every one. Nothing is original, but everything we experience is never we have ever seen. Speak to me like a human. Hold me like I’m alive. Taste with your inner soul and never let go of what makes you, you. I believe in a little magic; one that cannot be predicted by algorithms of small beating particles of interlocking patterns we all are scheduled to follow. We are our own light in the dark forest and the magic in our wands. I believe we can change the world; one act, one person, one belief at a time. I believe the magic is you.


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