Music video review: Want You Back, HAIM

After watching and listening to this song for a few days now, I decided to write some thoughts that stood out to me about this music video. Firstly, I believe it was filmed in one shot, which is really amazing. It’s being live, but not. The timing & execution for everything (the dance moves, singing and camera movement) has to align just right or else it’ll have to be shot from the beginning again. With that in mind, I really admire the time and practice that was put into it. Secondly, the choreography of this is really well done. I like that the instrumental sounds were highlighted and weaved into their dance. It was so natural and quirky. I haven’t seen a lot of their music videos, so I’m not sure if this is just a part of their style. Thirdly, I like how simple and unique it was. One shot in particular that stood out for me was when the camera quickly pulls backwards at the end. I wonder if this was filmed with a drone or a crane? Overall, I thought the catchy song worked well with how they filmed it.

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