time and time again

Time is a great cause for reflection. Sitting on the trains, waiting for the green light or anticipating for better days. Time has this natural ability to just be. I look up above me and the leaves of the high trees just stay still…until the wind pushes against them and they sway. That’s all and then they come back. Nothing too big and not a huge change in their lives. I’m starting to realize this way of living and comparing it to my own. I don’t do that. Is it because I’m human? Or is it because I just choose to let things get to me? Time to reflect on the latter. Life is taken too seriously sometimes. I take things too seriously sometimes. Sometimes a good laugh is just as appropriate as a long deep sigh.  Sometimes thinking of the positive isn’t a delusion, but a possibility. Time is a great healer. A wise master who is full of silence, but full of action as well. Taking my time and time again.

originally published on July 18, 2011


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