DIY: felt food (slice of bread and a piece of cheese) keychains or toys | sustainability

I love sewing with felt. Below are instructions to make a slice of bread and a slice of cheese keychain. I wanted to make a set with a fried egg one I made a while ago. They are now a breakfast sandwich family (with a felt kitty) :)

-Two different colored felt pieces for bread (brown/tan and beige-ish) and one yellow/orange one for cheese
-Thread (if you want a neater appearance, choose colors that will blend well with the color of the felt pieces)
-12mm split ring (for however many keychains you plan on making. One per keychain)
-Keychain ring or shower curtain ring

Directions (for slice of bread keychain)

1. Measure out the dimensions for how long you’d like your keychain to be (grab the beige felt piece). I made mine 2 inches by 2 inches.

2. Cut out the square piece. I cut it out with a wide “m” shape on top to make it look more like the tops of breads.

3. Grab the tan/brown felt piece and cut out a small piece that will later become the edge piece of the bread. I didn’t do this neatly. I sort of placed the beige bread piece on top of the tan one and estimated the shape I needed.

4. Place it behind the beige bread piece. Make sure to cut the pieces to make it more fitting and smooth.

5. Sew the two pieces together. This is how they will look:

6. Trace the beige bread piece onto the tan felt piece and create an exact shape of it.

7. Take one of the 12mm split ring and cut out a small rectangular tan felt piece. This will create a neater appearance for the ring attachment.

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8. Place it wherever you’d like your keychain to focus. I placed it in the middle, so the slice of bread can stand up straight. Sew all three pieces together and you are done! :)

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Directions (for the cheese slice keychain)

  1. Grab your yellow/orange felt piece and cut out two square pieces in sizes of your choosing. Again, since I wanted to make it a set, I decided to stay with the 2 inches measurement.
  2. Now cut out holes in one or both of the felt pieces. If you make the holes on both pieces, make sure to match them in size and shape for a neater appearance.
  3. Remember to make a small keychain attachment with a small rectangular yellow felt piece and 12mm split ring (refer to step 7 from the bread slice instructions). Sew the three pieces together.
  4. Now you are all set. You can attach all these to a keychain ring or shower ring or each individually.

Alternative uses:
-Patches on clothes or bags
-Small gifts


I’m excited to make more in the future. They aren’t hard to make and are more affordable and unique than buying from the store. Since I hand sew these, this method cuts down the use of electricity and carbon to transport to the store. What I love about making these things myself is that they are so easily customizable. I think if I were to do this again, I’d be more picky about the color of the threads since I think the cheese could have looked neater than what I presented.

Did you like any of these?

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