singer spotlight: Birdy

Although her Fire Within studio album was released a little over four years ago, I’ve only just sort of discovered Birdy. Sort of in that I think I have heard some of her songs in the past, but for some reason, it was only now did I feel connected to her music. There’s just something about her voice that settles really nicely in my ears and in my heart. Speaking of which, her voice is phenomenal. I got caught in the YouTube rabbit hole of videos and came across a few of her covers. I especially like her version of the song Let Her Go by Passenger, which garnered over 14 million views (I’m not alone!) The way she sings the words feels a bit more personal and sacred. You know how the chorus to songs kind of feel a bit overplayed after the second time? I felt like this didn’t happen here. She took her time with each beat and each word was sung carefully. She made me wish I could play piano because the accompaniment was so smooth with the violin; makes me want to create something as kismet.

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