some home cookin’ VIII

I finally remembered to take some photographs of some dishes I made with yellow squash. There’s no dessert-making nowadays due to the change in weather. I’ve been inspired to cook more of what I’ve been craving—Asian dishes. I tweaked them a bit and luckily there were still good. I also made a dish that was a combination of all my leftovers I had to use up and eggs that were soon expiring. Unfortunately, it wasn’t the greatest creation. It was like quiche, but without the delicious crust! Either way, I’m glad to have tried it out at least once. Photos are below, have fun :) (By the way, the photographs aren’t the best quality, but I hope to take better ones for the next one.)

Chicken salad with Greek yogurt from the cooking website, Damn Delicious. The sweet grapes matches really well with the savory chicken and tangy Greek yogurt.

Tried to make a nice egg bake that involved leftovers and fresh veggies (orange and yellow peppers, yellow squash, cooked ham, & mushrooms). I also had to use up eggs from the fridge. It was okay. I would prefer to have had a crust with it. The texture and taste seemed like it was missing something. At least food waste was prevented :)

Korean gaji-namul (eggplant side dish) with green onions, hard boiled egg and brown rice. I have never tasted this from a restaurant, so I’m not sure if I made this right, but I really liked it. The eggplant pieces were steamed, which was a healthier way of cooking. I used a recipe from Korean chef Maangchi on YouTube. She has such a lovely personality and makes cooking seem fun :)
Chicken, bok choy and brown rice. I can’t seem to remember the sauce, but I think it was with soy sauce and hoisin sauce. It was very soft and flavorful. I was on a rice bowl kick!
Korean turkey bowl (the recipe originally used ground beef, but I used ground turkey) and I added yellow squash. SO GOOD! It’s really easy to make, too, which is always a good thing.

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