Music video review: MONDO GROSSO / ラビリンス

There’s something so powerful and romantic about this video. The cinematography is shot well with a clear vision of beginning to end. I admire and wish I could dance so freely as the woman in the video does; so comfortably in city streets as if she’s in her home like a child at play. Similarly, to my last review of a music video, this video is also done in one shot. I noticed how the smooth flow of the shot was filmed without any shakiness (as I’m sure most professional cameras can do by now). Following the woman walk through the streets, into restaurants through back alleys gives this sense of exploration without feeling like you’re intruding in people’s lives. But she definitely stands out in the scene. This video makes me want to travel as that is what traveling is to me: a lot of observation and exploration into a culture by being a part of the environment. Although the song is in Japanese and I don’t understand a single line of it, I feel so connected to it. It is because of this music video that gives me this context. I feel that a lot of music videos out there kind of waste a good opportunity into making a good piece of art; failing at connecting the song to the visuals, but obviously, I feel that this one did not.

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