take a hike


I went on an unexpected hike yesterday to a whole new place I’ve never gone to. It was refreshing. I hadn’t gone in months and it felt like my soul rejuvenated. My lungs cleared with deep breaths. My heart was calm from the beauty. I felt like my whole being craved being in nature for so long, but I’d been distracted. The photo above was taken in April of this year, so it’s not from yesterday. But it shares the sentiment.

I saw many people out there on my walk and it made me happy. There is an appreciation for our parks that grows from young kids to adults. There were babies and dogs fully embracing the ups and downs of hills, the waves from the beaches, the stillness of forests.

I sat on one of the benches to admire the view. Clusters of houses on one side and the city buildings on the other. Between them were boats floating ever so slowly and birds flying in the near distance. This was a symphony. Humanity living together harmoniously. A thought that has carried me through since I left. A thought I want to keep. A thought I decided to share with you today.

Good morning to you all. Here are a few photographs from some of my favorite moments hiking. What do you like about hiking?


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