above rough waters


Life seems a bit like being thrown into chaotic waters. We are deer in headlights because the world can just toss and turn us into a whole new dimension that we have to assimilate to. To understand a whole new way of life is such a mind and body bender. Deep breathes; a moment to take it in, but not let it devour me. A moment to assess and to think, but to have the ability to look ahead. Something about that fresh air can cure many heart and soul concerns.

rough waters come and go
we can tumble in
fall underneath the surface
but we will never let go.
fighting for our lives
is the fight of our lives.
never stop going.
look up from the chaos
to see the free flying bird
the slow moving clouds
the open sky
that lets all the light in.
the light that will show us
exactly where we want to be.



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