not here

The overwhelming memories
Faze in and out of my mind
Like a visual crescendo of life
Passing through the years.
Your voice is the audio track
Tracing the outlines of what was.
Tears stream down my face
Starting out warm,
Then cold as it reaches my chin.
I search for you in my mind.
My heart hasn’t yet made the space.
The hole, the tear and the cut.
It continues to feel your presence
Slowly changing the shape from what it was
For so long.
But my eyes see the empty drawers.
They see the changed rooms
The glasses and books you left behind.
They see that they don’t see you.

3 thoughts on “not here

  1. Beautiful and bittersweet! I love that the objects also feel the loss and emptiness reflected in the heart of the poem. If this is a personal loss, hears a hug that I hope passes along some warmth and comfort! 💕

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