happy new year

Time is the sole navigator and reliable truth we all rely on. Every day is a potential opportunity for having a whole different 24 hours than the one we had the day before. We could be a whole new person, if we wanted. There are changes to our lives every single moment. However,Β  the new year, this mark of time we celebrate, gives us that extra reminder and motivation that there are opportunities out there for us. We forget that these opportunities to be whoever we want to be are always around.

If you had a long and rough 2018 like I did, I hope you are able to see that 2019 can be different. But some things will stay the same. There will always be something that comes up that challenges us. Life’s challenges are not going to be the things we can predict. They’ll happen all the time. They can come suddenly and the situation can become difficult quickly. But I learned that we are resilient. We are strong. We are capable and we have so many resources, tools and support systems that we can lean on in times of need. It will not be easy at times or most times. It can feel hopeless and lonely. But take it moment to moment.

I am hopeful for this new year, but I am still recovering from the last. I know that writing these positive messages are so easy to say and promote, but doing this will take care and work. Though, I am motivated and I am grateful. I’m going to take it moment to moment. Time is a valuable entity. Be kind to you and others. Take your time. Happy new year. I wish us all a good one.


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