moving forward

There are these little baby steps that appear. Out of nowhere, there are traces of movements heading towards one path with little footprints behind me. It’s automatic like breathing. Whether there are turns coming or roadblocks, that I do not know. I can’t see far ahead. I can’t see it at all. I am scared. I fear the ruins of what I do not want to see. I fear of the big rocks I cannot push away. But the struggles do not define the outcomes of what is meant to be.

My father told me that there are many more paths than one. Right and wrong has no meaning because there are things we cannot deny. Humanity was founded on mistakes and achievements. Along with little footprints, what also follows are other little footprints. An army of who we have aligned ourselves with. An army of resources we have gathered during our journey.

The strongest forces we carry most of all are the will and love for ourselves. We are survivors. We are survivors of the loved ones we lost. We are survivors of all the potential nightmares we have avoided and we are survivors of the ones we couldn’t. But more than survivors, we are creators. We are progressing all the time; whether we want to or not. If feeling stagnant is what you feel, fear not, because each day is progress. Little steps and big steps are still steps toward the future. The question is, what are the kinds of steps do you want to be making?


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