the heartless

There are many times in life in which we will encounter people who do not make sense to us. For me, I will never understand a person who purposefully tears down another for senseless reasons. Life is already a difficult journey to navigate and it is one that does not last very long. WE ARE ALIVE. Isn’t that in itself such a blessing? Isn’t that in itself something to celebrate?

And yet, there is this powerful force that corrupts our entire ecosystem. Hate. Senseless, violent, hurtful, painful hate that perpetuates in daily life. I’m not sure where or when these bullies lost their hearts. Maybe it was taken at a young age, before they even knew how to take care of it. Their hearts suffered because they never had enough love to empower it. And for that, I feel for them. I feel for what has happened because of this. This was beyond their control. Beyond what any child can do if it is not in their power to do so. However, I am a strong believer in change. I don’t think this has to be forever. Within the realms of nurture vs. nature, both contribute to who we are. We don’t necessarily have to be captives to what is in the past. Hate should not be a way of life.

But for those who have let their heart spoil down to the tiniest bit of life. The ones who have become heartless and break down others, their feelings and create pain need to let that negativity go. It is a poison that infects us all. Hate is contagious, if we let it.

If I could talk with any one of these people, I would ask them, what are you afraid of? What is truly the problem? I think those who hate need to be more vulnerable. They need to look inwards and face their insecurities. They need to focus on themselves and not on others. Haters are not happy people. Why not try to find and create happiness? Why can’t that be their focus?

Maybe because doing this means putting themselves out there and standing behind their own name and actions. It means facing their own unanswered questions they’ve asked themselves and knowing that the answers may not be ones they are proud of. To them, I would like to say, let your guard down to see what love looks like again. Know that we are not all so different. We don’t need to be divided. We can actually be on the same team. Remember what happiness means to you. Respect yourself by being honest with yourself. Are you truly proud of who you are? Is this truly how you want to be doing with your life?

Change starts inside. It is mindful and intentional. Allow yourself to be humble. Go out and truly look at the world.

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