we sat on the rocks. early morning trying to catch the sunrise. we drove in it as we drove by it getting here. we weren’t disappointed though because we’ve seen so many. it never gets old chasing the sun. it’s too beautiful and you just feel like the whole world is greater than whatever worry’s occupying your mind. we talked about our fears at the moment. wondering if we’d ever catch our dreams and if time could heal whatever it is making the whole world so broken lately.

i saw the ripples move in and away. the wind was pretty steady. so grateful i brought an extra layer of clothing. it let me sit a little while longer. there were two major rippling patterns. one went to the right and there was a mini one hitting it at an angle. it made me think that no matter how solid your path is or the wave you’re riding, there can be a little one just angling you away. some waves made it through okay, but some got completely off course and disappeared.

it’s okay though because they ended up being on another track. just like we do. we get on a wave and then get knocked out sometimes. we get up and get on another. then we ride along until we get to where we need to go. maybe we’ll meet our fears along the way. maybe we’ll make friends with it. and maybe it’ll all be one someday and everything makes sense.


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