music therapy


it’s the piano keys hitting the downer notes. it’s the guitar that strums along with the beat. it’s the lyrics that dance along the melodies. it’s the meaning behind all the words; every single letter that created the masterpiece. i used to live in this bubble of misconception that what i listened to defined who i was. and in some ways it does, but not anymore. to me, it’s a lot about how i’m feeling. a lover of mine said that to me. that’s how he listens. he hears the music that defines how he feels. i got it then, but i can feel that now. there are so many ways in which we can cope with whatever we’re going through, but music can uniquely somehow speak for what our hearts are saying. i’ve learned about new artists and songs by just going with how i feel as opposed to what i think i should be listening to.

my heart has been saying a lot lately and it’s hard to describe it to others. it’s communicated through my eyes and my actions. it’s through the ways in which i show my gratitude and love. it’s how i say nothing at all. i learned through my parents that actions are much louder than words. all of our definitions of love aren’t quite the same, but we all sort of know when it comes to us.

love heals

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