two too many

horses in fieldtwo horses

These photographs were taken during one of the best years of my life. I went on so many adventures and learned more of who I was. I felt free. And yet, it wasn’t forever. The photographs stay there and the memories come along, but the reality is still different. It’s different because time has passed. Maybe those horses aren’t there anymore. Maybe they’re somewhere warmer. I will never know.

In a moment, the memories of who I love come flooding and my heart becomes completely arrested by the thoughts and feelings of what they meant to me; what they mean to me always. It passes. These moments come and go. Sometimes they stay a little longer because I have more time to think about them, but mostly, they kind of wander in and then quickly walk out. But it hurts every single time.

Coming across these memories of adventure makes me yearn for a time like that again. It won’t be the same, but it’ll be another section of my life I can be proud of. And although I said these photographs represented a good year for me, it still had a lot of ups and downs like any other. There’s no need to exaggerate or forget the bad either.

The reality is that a true photograph of a moment isn’t going to be perfect. To me, a good photograph is one that tells me something about true life. It isn’t going to be right or wrong. It isn’t going to be staged or predictable.

It’s just a moment in time. The day this was taken, we drove on a very long road and there was green grass all around us. This place was new to us. It was clear and we saw these beautiful creatures just doing their thing. I wanted so badly to gather that essence; that attitude. I got out of the car and just took out my camera. One snap, two snap. That’s all. And even that may be two too many.

2 thoughts on “two too many

    • thank you beth! this means a lot to me. it is so true. we are so lucky to have such a power. even though we live in a digital age and it is so easy to take a photograph, they are still so so valuable to me.

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