the energy is you

I just awoke from a nap after having been left without electricity earlier tonight. I think my mind really needed that reset. I’ve noticed that life can come at me with so many demanding responsibilities, my health and wellness falls off the priority list. So, when this unexpected and somewhat annoying circumstance comes along, I decided tonight that there was no point to be annoyed. Just live in it for a bit. The darkness and lack of noise was surprisingly calming. The amount of stimulus that comes through our eyes in a day kind of scares me when I take a moment to really think about everything that happens in a work day alone—excluding all the stuff we do for fun, that can take a lot of energy, too.

As I gathered my thoughts, I thought about this metaphorical life journey as a whole. There can be so many people on our side that love and support us unconditionally. Their cheer and care can be that added strength we need to go for our dreams. And then there are the ones who aren’t as great, but we have them in our lives either by obligation or uncontrolled settings like work, family or relationships by connection. It can feel so heavy to feel the weight of someone’s disappointment in us. I know it is for me. And then there are the ones who, intentionally or not, can affect our lives negatively because they have some selfish need to fulfill.

I reminded myself that the opinions of my own life and the values I hold are the things that will help me move further to where I want to go. The people on the side of love or hate, can definitely affect the journey part, but the ultimate force is me. We can all propel ourselves in any direction we so choose. Life will always throw us into situations we don’t find ideal, but it’s our will and spirit that can get us out (hopefully smoothly!)

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