for the love of art | light & color lab

I love art. Art will forever be a part of my livelihood as long as I can afford it, create it and embrace it. In grade school, I never really took art seriously. It was just something I had fun with and the classes at school made me happy. My art teacher from my elementary school is one of my most favorite teachers. Looking back at it now, she truly put a lot of effort, time, and money into these classes. I went to public school and if I am assuming correctly, the school did not have the funds for all the art supplies she provided. She taught my class fabric and basket weaving, clay art, painting, and even music and dance sometimes. I think the clay part was super interesting because it involved shaping, patience and a stove!

A memory I used to cherish so much as a child was when my art teacher went over to me and asked me if she could have the artwork I was making. She said it was to be showcased at a gallery at the library. I said yes. I also asked if I’d get it back and I think she said no, so I was a little sad it went away, also. But she validated me as an artist. She validated what I created and thought it was good enough to show in public. Thank you so much, Ms. S.

I don’t think I was very good at art, but my love for it was pure. I made sure it stayed with me. I even worked at an art museum for a couple of years and the feeling of walking into a space of imagination and creativity never got old. I always felt that I was entering this halo of special-ness. Every new artist we featured had something to share. Yes, maybe a couple were a little bit of a stretch, but a lot of it had depth.

Below are a few videos of art that I really think is interesting and unique. I wish more people knew about what one can do with animation, ebru art and colored lights. The artist who created all this is the author of the light and color lab blog. He has opened up my eyes to a whole new form of art that isn’t traditional. I am most impressed with his animation skills. It takes so much care and patience to complete a good animation. If you like these, too, I’m sure he’d love the support!

turntable animation

explosion of neon color

neon ebru with oil

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