Video game review & gameplay: Borderlands 2

If you watch the video, I’m the player with the blue font!

When would I ever have the opportunity to be a treasure hunter competing with scary monsters to find the ultimate prize in a vault? Never, unless I’m playing this game. This amusing, yet intense game has been an interesting change from the others I’ve enjoyed in the past like Tetris, Yoshi, Mario and even Assassin’s Creed Odyssey (which I liked a lot). Setting-wise, it drops us first onto this desert-like world with strange animals (I guess I would call them that?) who kind protect their surrounding territory or have the tendency to beat up whoever is around. We have to battle them (and other scary/huge/creepy/ monsters) along the way as we complete missions that ultimately lead us to the final boss battle in a giant lava pit with I think two bosses: Handsome Jack and The Warrior.

I played this specific version a couple of years ago and although I did beat it with my love, I was not as invested in it as I am now. Therefore, my memory about the different stages are a little foggy, but having just played a bit recently, I feel I can still give a quick review.

I would say in terms of difficulty, this is on the high end for me. I think this is a great game for those who can play with an experienced gamer, is an experienced gamer or have enough patience to learn the ins and outs of gaining money, weapons and completing the missions. Since I’ve always played with pretty dedicated video gamers, I can’t say really if I’d suggest this to a beginner.

If you plan on playing this, I’d definitely play with more than one person since it’s nice to have back-up during those battle sessions. I do love how this game allows you to revive yourself by fighting for your life as opposed to immediately spawn to a whole new location.

Overall, I’d say the game does get addicting. For the harder parts, it gets frustrating to play (i.e. collecting eridium to get resources and the monsters that never die) and I recall even near the end, it was challenging to beat the game. Despite the difficulty level, I would still rank this within my top ten video games (for now)!

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