Video game review & gameplay: Overcooked 2, Chinese New Year DLC

Overcooked is so addicting. We recently played their Chinese New Year downloadable content (dlc) extras and it is so cute. There were others such as making s’mores in the campfire series or smoothies for a beach-themed dlc. All were pretty good. I am so impressed with the graphics and the detailing. I would totally recommend this to video gamers of all ages. Some levels do get challenging, but overall, I’d say it’s pretty easy to advance to the next level (especially if you’re playing with another person or a group). It’s nearly impossible to enjoy playing this as a single player as you would have to do the work for two people.

The type of games such as these really help with thinking ahead and prioritizing tasks. I’ve found that my skills in doing this have improved since playing this game because there’s forethought and planning if you want to succeed in getting a higher score or advancing to the next level. Another positive aspect about this kind of game is that it forces you to work as a team. You will bump into your partner in the kitchen. You both won’t know how to work well on the first try, but it’s when you re-try do you gain the a deeper experience. Overall, this game improves cognitive agility.

I’m going to see if I can complete the rest of this and the other extra content. I’m not sure if they will release more dlc content, but will surely share if I find them interesting enough.

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