change your room

Every year, there would be a random point in the autumn-ish season in which my partner and I would feel a bit antsy, frustrated and irritable. Maybe it was our jobs. Maybe it was the change in seasons. No idea why these feelings would come but one day, we decided to change our living room. We re-arranged where the sofa faced and where the television would be angled. There were shelves I’d build up one year; only for the next year or so, be moved in a whole other location.

And this made us feel a little happier.

Because I think doing this made us really face our literal current situation at the time. There were things we just didn’t need around; old receipts, clothes we don’t wear, furniture that took up space, books that went unread and the list went on. I am not the kind of person who does traditional things like “spring cleaning” or resolutions at New Year’s. I like to do things when I need to or want to.

These last few years, we haven’t changed much of anything. I think it’s because we found the optimal way of how our place looked. But now, our outlook is different. Things have come in and out and now the re-arrangement has turned yet again. So, I think, just to get a little bit more perspective, I’m going to change the room a bit.

And metaphorically speaking, I feel better when I face my reality; the current situation. Like I mentioned in a past post, I just can’t delude myself into false circumstances or lies to make myself feel better because it just doesn’t do that for me. When I start changing the room in my mind, I see changes in how I feel, think and see things. It’s important to check in with ourselves and hear what we need and where we want to go.

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