meditating and mindfulness on a train

Deep breathe in.

Deep breathe out.

My aunt introduced me to meditation about a decade ago.I had done mindfulness before I even knew what it was called, but after she gave me a proper idea and definition of meditation, I was able to focus my energy towards the practice more deeply. After practicing it a few times I’ve had only a couple of instances that truly stand out. And honestly, I do not do it as often as I like to.

The last time I meditated was, unusually, on a semi-packed train. I was having a rough morning. The specific details are lost on me now, but I remember the only thing that comforted me was just closing my eyes and focusing on my breathing. Being mindful. The noises on the train were barely there. I felt balance filled with immense gratitude. I felt empowered. It’s hard to describe, but it felt like whatever it was that bothered me that morning just did not matter anymore. I was gently uplifted by the new energy that developed.

I read once that meditation and mindfulness are ways for our brains to recharge. To let our minds take rest and reset our thoughts. It’s so easy to wrap our heads around a specific idea or a pattern over and over again. We’re just a computer that needs to reboot sometimes.

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