The first image of him was actually a background one. One in which he stood as a stand in character or an extra on a television set. I didn’t think much about it. Like all the other strangers that have passed by before me, why would he be different?

We started to see each other more. Accidentally. In hallways. Through campus. We found out we had mutual friends. And like that. It was too easy.

The pieces started to come together so nicely. We talked. We took the same classes. They were big, so it made sense I had never seen him. Or maybe I did, but in the background. And then I couldn’t un-see him anymore. Never again.

We never defined ourselves. So we never really knew what we meant to each other. The kind of way one would describe with labels or titles. But I can describe how he made me feel. How it made me feel.

It was pure. It was sweet. It was new. It was exciting. So exciting. My heart was overwhelmed and happy. It felt full and refreshed; a different energy was pulsing through me and it felt so natural and good.

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