some housekeeping and perspectives

It’s been a long time since I posted (until a day or two ago, as you probably noticed). Compared to what I did a few months ago, which was post twice a day for a full month or two. I miss it here. There’s been a few things on my plate, as always, and this little space is never too far away from my thoughts. I’ve been wanting to change my website address and have been teasing with the idea for a while. It’s not a huge deal to many, I think, but for me, it’s going to take a bit of thought before I just jump to it (as I’ve kind of felt the urge to). I don’t know what the new address would be, so, if I ever do, I’m not sure if I’ll lose some of you in the process due to the reader or the navigation page being different.

I’m not sure if it’ll redirect to the new website or just not exist. For anyone who would like me to visit your page and leave a comment with my new link to this blog, let me know.

Aside from the blog housekeeping, I’ve been doing lots of literal housekeeping and cleaning a bit. It’s gotten me to think of so many things and come to a few interesting realizations. One, for example, is that it’s so obvious and silly how gray things are and yet, many can still define the black and white of it all and leave it at that. They sink heavily deep into their delusion of what they want rather what is. On the other end of things, there can be an overreaction to things that aren’t that big of a deal. I don’t know. I guess just a ramble of perspectives we all have. And here’s a visual I felt like creating (haha..) to present this idea.


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