Video game review: Overcooked 2 (2018)

I can’t remember if I wrote up a review about this game. I definitely played it since it was first released in 2018. Anyway, I somehow got sucked back into playing (I think they did a recent update), so here I am!

Basically, Overcooked 2 is a frantic cooking simulator and party game. They give you orders like a restaurant. You make and deliver the dishes all before the time runs out. Depending on how much money you make (or lose) will ultimately dictate how many golden stars you receive. You need to accumulate a certain amount of these stars to advance onto the higher levels.

As a young child, I loved playing video games. It wasn’t the focus of my childhood, but games in general played a meaningful part of my life even to this day. But to get back to the point of this post, Overcooked 2 is super addicting. As I progressed through the levels, it got substantially more challenging and sort of frustrating because it was hard to get those darn, lovable stars. And I didn’t want to give up!

I’d say the first levels are easy and fulfilling because assembling the dishes were a piece of cake (pun kind of intended). It’s best if you can see the patterns and strategize how best to beat the time.

The foods they instructed you to prepare include: s’mores, french fries, sushi, ramen, cakes, smoothies, burgers and a whole lot of foods you’ll probably crave after you’ve played.

The downloadable content levels are definitely a lot harder. However, I think the levels are manageable the more people that play. The expansion pack also centers around various food themes: Chinese New Year, Christmas, Haunted House, Carnival, Surf and Turf, Camping and etc. Another aspect that they introduced was the concept of hordes. It was a fun (and at times, difficult) challenge to make it before the time runs out to destroy the enemy hordes.

Overall, I like the game a lot. I appreciate the details in the cute designs of the game and the variety of foods they have us make. It would be great if they allowed single-player gaming that involved just one character play rather than have a single-player handle two different characters in the same game. I think this game is best played with two or more people. And maybe after you’ve eaten food!

4 thoughts on “Video game review: Overcooked 2 (2018)

  1. This game hurts my eyes. I played it once but couldn’t get into it. There’s so much happening at once that it makes my head hurt. A lot of people seem to like this game and I am glad that you are one of them. 😊

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