real talk

With truest intentions, you can meet your goals. With realistic vision and energy, you can reach your potential to achieve those goals. 

It’s a new year. There are so many messages out there telling us where to put our money, when to wake-up, how to act and de-stress. I am grateful for all the resources, but it becomes a lot.

So I pause for a moment.

And then I think, “The focus and energy comes from me.” Regardless of my image: the degrees I have, the salary I’ve earned and the places I’ve lived, there needs to be a force that meets all of them to their potential. That’s me. Not anyone else because it’s my life. Two people can grow up with exact circumstances but can still face different challenges and needs.

I would love to achieve all the amazing things that’s ever been achieved, but it’s just not realistic and do I really want to put in all the work to get there?

And it’s not really the goal at all. It starts with the individual. What do I actually want to do? What can I realistically achieve? What are my intentions in achieving these goals? I can’t travel through time. No matter how much I want to, even if it’s my goal, I’ll never be Marty McFly from Back to the Future. But I can do so many other cool things (maybe not as cool as time travel, but you get the point) that I am capable of achieving. What am I willing to commit to it: time, money, convenience? It’s all up to me and my situation. All the incoming messages about how to live a perfect life can be great inspiration, but they are also just messages.

The work begins with me first.

Every week is a new week. I can do this. You can do this.

Just not the same way.

The focus and power is in you, not the goals themselves.  

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