Day to day, you don’t feel overly happy, but you don’t feel overly sad either. It’s just another day that carries on. And then one of these normal days become unlike the others. There’s a problem. Your partner breaks up with you, your car breaks down or you lose all your money. It’s one of those days. So you think about how it began. Where did it go wrong? The signals start to connect and the lights all shine out of nowhere. And yet, the first time around, it was so easy to pass by them and not even notice their glaring brightness. There were signs of wear and tear; the breaking down of systems and the slow diminishing of resources.

The problem, suddenly, becomes all too clear. But now, every moment that follows that realization is filled with uncertainty. What happens next? What does the future look like now? The days don’t seem as routine anymore. And that’s where uncertainty lives. In-between the obvious and the unknown.

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