gratitude’s the attitude

I know I’m probably way behind in this game, but one of the things I started doing this year is reflecting daily on the things I’m grateful for and writing it down; aka, a gratitude journal. It literally takes milliseconds to do, but it has helped me massively in just getting in the right attitude for the day.

It doesn’t solve all the problems or issues that come up, but it does force me to be real about life and the bigger picture. There’s always something to be grateful for. At least for me. I can easily appreciate the little things in life—the nice sun shining through my window, watering my flowers and seeing them grow each day, taking a good deep breathe, and cooking a good meal.

Another thing I really value about this reflective exercise is that I can look back on what I’ve been grateful for and they’re different each day. It’s nice to peek into a little bit of my days in the past and know what I positively thought that day.

I hope you’re all well and going for your goals this year. Being more grateful was one of mine, and I hope to continue this all year long.

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