green tip #13 |celebrate mother earth

green tip #13 |celebrate mother earth

I was taught that the way of progress was neither swift nor easy. – Marie Curie

Earth should be celebrated everyday and Earth Day is a nice reminder to treat our world with respect, kindness, understanding and a bazillion hugs and smiles. I want to admire it longingly, gazing up in the sky when the sun sets and the skies are filled with indescribable colors of love. I wish I had more to give as it has given a lot to me.

And I can give more, all the time. Giving back and continuing the cycle of life is how we can all function together when our resources and ourselves can unify. To continue changing and evolving for the better takes time. It takes a lot of effort and cannot be done in one day. Just try one thing. I remember when I was first inspired to have a more eco-friendly lifestyle. I was overwhelmed. There seemed to be so much I should have been doing and it felt really difficult. But I decided to try one thing. Then I tried another thing. And I’m still trying new things and methods to lessen my carbon footprint, to lessen my dependence on plastic and to be realistic about stuff; past the superficial happiness that quickly fade. Consuming things just isn’t the same anymore—buying, eating and etc. I’m not perfect at all. I am just beginning. Each day is a learning day. I think essentially, it’s just taking an extra step and thinking, “how will I recycle (dispose, reuse, compost) this when my use of it is over?” Here are some ideas for you to try your one thing: Earth Day Website and tinycaravan’s list of ideas.

Here are some more:

  • Plant some flowers or trees. Sunflowers are bee-friendly and we need more of these little friends!
  • Go for a hike somewhere and appreciate all the beauty you see.
  • Do something that requires no electricity, no carbon, no plastic or all three!
  • Show love by creating art of nature–paint, draw, write poetry, etc.

One of the many positives of living a more eco-friendly lifestyle is that the experiences are more worthwhile. The happiness is deeper because they aren’t motivated or supported by money, by recognition or society’s standards. They’re meaningful in ways that touch my soul like walking in nature. To really challenge myself in looking at what I use and own in a completely different way. To appreciate the little things. To have more memories.

Here are some of mine:

happy earth day.

unlikely friends // a stop motion film

unlikely friends // a stop motion film

This film is composed of 33 individual photographs to create the stop motion effect. There are 2 additional ones at the end. This was a first attempt at stop motion film.

I’ve always wanted to try. I gathered these photographs earlier this week and finally had time and motivation to put it together last night. I would like to make more of these films, but I know it involves a lot of patience, balance and time.

It’s really short, too. I learned that it takes a lot of very small movements of photographs to create a smoother film. I hope you enjoy.

our time & our love

our time & our love

To pursue something more than what limits you. To go beyond the normal tendencies of our emotions. We feel this echo of ourselves that we’ve grown from into another person, renewed or broken down. Our beings are constantly changing. All the time. I walked into this beloved bookstore I used to go to. I love the ins and outs of each aisle; passing by gems of information. A new recipe here and a photograph there. I picked up a children’s book I never read before. The lines of the illustrations; the amusing story and the takeaway at the end. Life is not simple. We don’t live in dreams or fantasies. But that doesn’t mean there is no fun. There is and can be and ought to be. That’s what little happy surprises do to us. Like seeing the sunsets we weren’t planning on seeing. Hearing a child laugh or feeling a warm breeze in the summer night.


One book I encountered was about a Taiwanese artist named Tehching Hsieh. He had devoted several years to art performance and if you research more, there’s this intriguing fluid message about time that will wash upon you. At least for me. What is our time? What do you think of time and how do you use it? The art of being human coalesce into the continuing calculation of time is what Hsieh subjects himself into.

To me, in my philosophy of my whole life’s work I would say that life is a life sentence. Life is passing time. Life is free thinking.

– Tehching Hsieh

So when one does their day to day routine, I wonder what it is they are trying to achieve? Is there anything to achieve? An ongoing message is that our time is our decision. In terms of a metaphorical way of speaking and our actions, we commit because we want to. We are in motion as by what our name is, by what our jobs are, by what we stand for in terms of someone else; our familes, our friends, ourselves.

This is just to give you something to think about as it has me. Black and white only exist in films and even then there are sometimes mysterious fades and lines of color. They sneak in only after we see the film develop and there is no way in erasing. Or to go back to what it used to be. I am not telling you how to live as you do not others. Even when there is a speech of command, there is no guarantee of rules. No guarantee of what bounds us if we don’t bound ourselves.


And then I see this quote from the actor Chris Evans about love and ex-lovers. “If you’re ever fortunate enough to love someone and have them love you back, it’s worth protecting that. It’s rare that someone can truly know you.” Truly knowing is rare. To be intimate with someone. To share secrets no one else knows or to have memories no one else have. It’s special. Sometimes it’s so heartbreaking and sometimes it’s so heartwarming. It’s funny and whimsical and silly to think of what we used to be as kids and what we used to think were true. We have to value these things. Value the time that was used to make these kinds of memories. Value the love you had because it was a true one.

I suppose this entry submits a little part of what I think. A mixture of ideas and reflections that aren’t easy to say in one breathe. They aren’t as straightforward or clean, but they mean something to me. They mean a lot.



I’ve been having some issues with WP and seeing my reader or doing anything for that matter. I hope the little kinks work themselves out. I somehow navigated around the whole thing, although, still unable to read other blogs. Felt inspired to write for a couple of days, but then when I log in here, I have issues. So I refuse to leave without posting something.

belief in anything involves trust. it involves vulnerability. belief has a mixture of fact, a mixture of hope and a mixture of spirit. sometimes trust comes so easily because of something silly like appearance or superficial values. it’ll be given when there’s enough time for bonding and involvement and love shared among individuals. trust is natural. trust is a kind of truth we rely on, so we know we’re not alone. it allows us to have faith in something other than ourselves or more than ourselves. but we never know for certain if we’re right. but that’s okay. because it’s happening all the time. the time is now. the location is here. trust, along with many other entities, is what makes us human. can you see it? no, not really. can you draw it? no, not really, maybe a symbol of it. but you can feel it. below are a few photographs i’ve gathered that will probably make you stop and look at it. think about it. making you have thoughts and reflections that you can’t see, but you can feel. can you trust how you feel?

trust (a poem I originally published in 2013)

at the end of our days
and we all will have
there will be many moments of clarity.

what will you trust then?
if only you have this time to live?

the things you misunderstood
will be nothing.
the memories you make
will be something.
the name you have
will be the only thing

there is much distrust in our world today
which breeds such
unpleasant and unproductive qualities of man.

trust that there are those
who will love you forever
for nothing more than love itself.

trust that there are strangers
who will do more than
those who know you sometimes

trust that there will be
a light in you to guide you
to wherever you need to go

the worst mistrust of all
is the one with yourself.
so trust

trust will open
anything you want

trust creates strength and stability
in anything you want to create.

these are some of the things i’m learning
there are some of the things i’d like you to learn
I trust you understand my messages.

don’t hold back

don’t hold back


While listening to James Bay sing, I think of a flurry of images of me in the car as the sun shines on my arm and wind on my face and I can feel summer all over me. I then panic and wonder where my summer’s gone…. only to remember that it hasn’t even come yet. Thank goodness. I anticipate some new adventures this summer. And with this in mind, I hope you are too. I hope that you don’t hold back. I randomly remember this acting exercise. My teacher wanted us to give a speech in class about feelings. First, feel love. Manifest the feeling you get when you are with someone you love. Not the family kind, but the romantic kind. He said he could tell if we lied; if we tried acting rather than being. It was hard. But I understand now. It’s not about holding yourself back to what you know is true. Because then you’ll be acting, rather than being..

a little bit of everything

a little bit of everything


life trickles down pebbles
fallen from the hard places
we break ourselves out of.

a little bit of everything,
scatters the ground,
unevenly fitting into place.

these pebbles,

creating roads to journeys,
building homes we live in.
pieces of our own identities.

these pebbles,

i never know what to think,
what i’ll see or who i’ll meet.
but the destination is only half

of what we were meant to experience.


i’ve been sort of scattered lately, but not really messy though. scattered in a more organized way. needed to get some creative juices out there to really get into writing something solid and important. i wish my blog had more variety like it used to. i have ideas, but little time to produce how i want to. i’ve been feeling all sorts of inspiration to do art, to go on hikes, to travel, to be careful and to be carefree. a little bit of everything is creeping into the little spaces of time i have and it’s wonderful and stressful. i know it’s all a part of this amazing journey. i know it’s something i want to remember. because it is so good, so life-altering, so life.

diversity is beautiful

diversity is beautiful

the words you speak become the house you live in” – Estelea (blogger friend)

I have these words posted on my wall and I read them this morning. It makes sense. What it means and the importance of how we talk and what we talk about eventually become a part of us. On the way back home today, the sky showed its most beautiful colors. Pink skies are the prettiest, I think, with it swirling among the blue sky and orange sunset. With every turn the car made, I could see colors just peeking through the spaces of the tree branches and above backyards of houses being lived in. Beyond the highway, I could see it clearer and it made me really feel grateful for all there is. Simple as that. Something we all see without anything other than with our eyes. To feel with our insides without needing to speak to connect with.

ebru art piece – to make your own, read this

Colors are beautiful. Without all the diversity, there wouldn’t be any emotion, character, and harmony. There would be nothing. One color stands with another and mixes and blends together as naturally and easily as any other. And this reminds me of an observation I made on the train the other day.

We all try to make it. Foreigners and natives alike, we try. Try so hard to wake up in the morning to reach the too early designated time someone had the brilliant idea of. To not cross it. To start our day by it. To earn a living and reach closer to what we want our lives to be. I’m on the train and I see a man with well-made shoes, but not well-polished. He takes out an English textbook. English is not his native language, I assume, because he looks like my dad. But it’s only an assumption. Our world is so big and there are so many possibilities of everything that we can only assume. And he reads. Learning more, taking on more because he wants to. Because he can. Life is less scary when you know what you’re in for. Or not. Maybe it’s scarier to face the truths. To face reality. Maybe he’s braver to want more. To seek all and not just get by. I wonder how many times he’s thought of where he’s been and where he wants to go.

Diversity is beautiful. These are my words. I want to live in a house full of diverse ideas, to share a love for life and explore it all. I want to live in a house of which was built on the foundation of kindness, happiness and peace. To live among individuals who want to work together and make a stronger, healthy world. A house that is protected and appreciated for its shelter, comfort and relief. Because then, what is a house otherwise? Where American Dreams don’t come true and words like us and them meant we were against each other?

ebru art piece from above shown under blacklight

We can all illuminate our colors and still be in harmony. There is enough space & resources for all of us, if we let it.