it’s coming // it’s come and gone

music: sleeping at last - saturn I didn't think I'd write a "wrap-up" post of 2017. I guess this isn't really the case; it's more like a "2018 is coming" and how I'm feeling kind of post. Um, maybe a mixture of both. I'll get to it now.. I'm not sure how I'm feeling about [...]


i’m ready

my heart carved out a piece of itself. it disappeared into an abyss unseen, unheard until this very moment. it started to crack out of its own shell. a hard hat of protection from raining bullets and grenades ready to explode. the hollowness soul began to yearn the kind of light it had for so [...]


The first time you do anything at all, you're not going to feel fully confident. At the same time, there is always a little bit of excitement or anxiety. It's the beauty of it. Another beautiful thing that comes along is that bravery you find in yourself. There's something really sweet, innocent and nostalgic when [...]

making our mark

reaching to this point was half the battle. the other was seeing, feeling all the creases, rough patches of climbs up the mountain. having regrets etched away on rock formations of history made presently. we made it to the top. we made our mark.


There is so much building inside my heart. The sorrow I feel is so full that I can't contain the tears and they just fall. Aimlessly. I do not know what it is my heart is trying to say. Am I crying for what was? Am I crying for a release? Am I crying to [...]

moving forward

There are these little baby steps that appear. Out of nowhere, there are traces of movements heading towards one path with little footprints behind me. It's automatic like breathing. Whether there are turns coming or roadblocks, that I do not know. I can't see far ahead. I can't see it at all. I am scared. [...]

face the fear

Longing for a sense of stability I quiver at the next step. Surrendering my ground Could be the hardest thing I do. There are no lead tours Guides that can tell me all Facts and figures, history made Buildings to admire, food to eat. Instead, there is an unknown. A blank space that clouds over [...]