Imogen Heap

I love Imogen Heap. I believe my first introduction to her music was from my researching Frou Frou, a duo group she was a part of many years ago. Let Go is my favorite song in one of the best soundtracks I have ever heard from the film Garden State. Her voice is just so [...]


nature | summer

serene. water splashed, cool fingertips. warm scent of summer heat lingers on porch steps and bathroom walls. signs of summer arisen from dirt growing sunflowers sturdy stems. nature's alive and well.

fear to free

I've had the Bittersweet Symphony song in my head for a few days now. Why? Not sure. It's not a song I typically listen to, although, I haven't really indulged in music in general lately anyway. Perhaps it's my mind wanting the vibe it gives because it certainly does give one, doesn't it? A close [...]


The deer knew nature would happen, Fallen yellow leaves pile over patches Nearby trees sway as roots of trunks gripped Held tight to moist soil, soaking up water Overnight raindrops appeared and flooded Underneath where all things start and end. Circle of life revolves acutely more than ever Spring now, but autumn is around the [...]


It survived another month The fragility of petals Grasping a millimeter of stem Rooted for some kind of stability. Winds tampered its solid grace. The calm nights hushed sounds Of crying rain and cats meows Wanting to be heard, to express. The light grew outwards Unable to contain its bravery The audacity of survival The [...]