handmade duct tape wallet photos & notes| sustainability

I have a few sustainability projects I have been working on lately. I am planning on hemming my pants and also making my own slippers out of felt fabric (we shall see how that turns out), but I also recently made some wallets out of duct tape. These photographs show the prototype or the first [...]


DIY: felt food (slice of bread and a piece of cheese) keychains or toys | sustainability

I love sewing with felt. Below are instructions to make a slice of bread and a slice of cheese keychain. I wanted to make a set with a fried egg one I made a while ago. They are now a breakfast sandwich family (with a felt kitty) :) Materials/Tools: -Ruler -Two different colored felt pieces [...]

DIY: mini scrapbook by upcycling toilet paper rolls | sustainability

Materials/Tools: -Scissors -Toilet paper rolls (however many you like) -Hole Punch -Decorative materials like scrap paper/old greeting cards/magazine cutouts/fortune cookie words of wisdom/washi tape -Binder clips (optional) -One shower curtain ring -Glue/Tape Directions: Gather some toilet paper rolls. 2. Fold them down flat. 3. If they are being stubborn, you can clip the edges with [...]

handmade 2018 planner | sustainability

It's that time of year again! I love seeing the different styles of each since starting in 2016. If you'd like to see some photographs for my handmade 2016 & 2017 planners, check out this post called "paper-related items" I published last September. For 2016, I believe I just used a blank notebook and filled [...]

drawing animated characters

I'm currently trying to practice being present. So I decided to draw a bit for a diy gift I'm giving for a birthday. It helps a whole lot in being focused and it's therapeutic. We've been watching lots of Hayao Miyazaki films lately and they're addicting. Philosophy, beautiful imagery and compelling stories is quite the [...]

green tip #11 | sustainability | donate or DIY crafts with your used holiday & thank you cards

For those who are wondering what to do with used cards you receive from loved ones or new ones you don't plan on using, here's a suggestion: donate them. I only just learned of this today and I'm happy I came across this. An organization called St. Jude's Ranch for Children have a used (& [...]

green tip #10 | sustainability | 5 ways to reuse this packaging box

Thinking about how to be more eco-friendly really stretches my creativity. I start to see every day items and give it new meaning. I think about their purpose and the materials it is made of. For instance, this box used to carry bottles of water. In the past, I would see packaging and immediately just [...]

DIY: felt square coasters (originally posted Jan 2016)

Hi friends, I am reblogging this in case anyone wants to make something personalized for any last minute gifts out there. I made this DIY coaster tutorial a while ago, but figured it might be fun for some of you if you missed it. Best wishes everyone :)


I have been wanting to make this post for a LONG time because I love crafting and wanted to try writing a diy post. Some of you may have remembered a post I did, “felt coaster virtual art gallery I.” They were photographs of most, if not all, the felt coasters I’ve made. Some friends, relatives and co-workers received these as gifts for birthdays, holidays and celebration for a new home and they all thought these were cute. If you happen to make one yourself, please let me know! I’d love to see your creations! :) Also, this was really fun to write up and a good learning experience for me since I didn’t know the technical terms for the sewing techniques. I learn something new every day! Have fun!

You will need:IMG_4866

  • Ruler
  • Thread (color depends on your preference)
  • 2 square pieces of felt (4-inch or 10-cm…

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green tip #8 | sustainability | handmade mini journal with pressed flowers

I had a bouquet of flowers nearing their final life stages and I didn't want to just throw them out. I decided to look up how to press flowers. Unfortunately, I didn't use fresh ones as many sources suggested, but I did it anyway. I waited a few weeks as they were placed between pages [...]

green tip #7 | sustainability | gift card holder from a toilet paper roll

“If every American family wrapped just 3 presents in re-used materials, it would save enough paper to cover 45,000 football fields.” (comment on holiday waste according to a Standford website) Hello friends, happy December 1st. As you may have noticed, I've been on a sustainability trail for a few months now. To continue on, I've [...]

green tip #4 | sustainability | gift boxes from upcycling & facts on holiday waste

I had these baby cereal boxes and thought I could create something with them. I thought of an idea that if I inverted the box, it could easily become a gift box. This could also be the case with regular-sized boxes, too. I bet pasta boxes, shoe boxes and all kinds of packaging could work. [...]

paper-related items

hey everyone, i recently made my own paper! nothing too grand or pretty for that matter. i didn't use a blender so the paper looked all kinds of weird & the texture was bumpy. i'm hoping that the next paper experiment i do, it'll come out a lot better. if you ever feel inspired to, [...]