a day to love

Long gone are the days in which I'd idolize the suave British actor or the sweet, yet flawed teen heartthrob. I have come a long way. We all have. Relationships can be complicated and layered and I think media makes it very easy to ignore the harder parts. But I also think the joyful, deeply [...]


sketches from before

I came upon a few sketches I drew last year or even long before then. I wish I was better at sketching in actual journals so they can all stay together, but I always just want to use scrap paper in case the results become something I'm not happy with. And I make lots of [...]

love for maru the cat

(I drew this sketch of him in one of those diet boxes he runs into) For as long as I remember, Maru the cat videos on YouTube has always made me smile. They are simple and short clips of him playing and being active. He has a friend now, too, named Hana. Maru is kind [...]

drawing animated characters

I'm currently trying to practice being present. So I decided to draw a bit for a diy gift I'm giving for a birthday. It helps a whole lot in being focused and it's therapeutic. We've been watching lots of Hayao Miyazaki films lately and they're addicting. Philosophy, beautiful imagery and compelling stories is quite the [...]

green tip #7 | sustainability | gift card holder from a toilet paper roll

“If every American family wrapped just 3 presents in re-used materials, it would save enough paper to cover 45,000 football fields.” (comment on holiday waste according to a Standford website) Hello friends, happy December 1st. As you may have noticed, I've been on a sustainability trail for a few months now. To continue on, I've [...]

inspirational feelings

hold onto your dreams no matter where you go no matter your age no matter who you become never let go Watching and reading so many motivating and inspiring pieces of work. Of creators who put their talent, time, artistic and intelligent ideas to use. To create a solid foundation for their dreams. There is [...]