When I was in middle school, I had this ice skating fall that left me having a larger-than-a-paper-cut cut on my left leg that took what felt like forever to heal. I was scared to look at it and it felt so raw. It was one of the first times I realized that I'm not [...]


thank you

I hope someday I have another opportunity to live in a world with you in it. I wonder if I'd ever get to speak to you and tell you all the things. Everything. Because I can and want to spend as much time with you as possible. I am with you always, but you are [...]

thinking about you

I just had to get out that night. As I swung open the front door, I desperately breathed in the fresh air and immediately felt the ease behind my neck to my shoulders. I was suffocating in the house and its atmosphere of sadness and regrets. Hearing the click of the car door handle was [...]

music therapy

it's the piano keys hitting the downer notes. it's the guitar that strums along with the beat. it's the lyrics that dance along the melodies. it's the meaning behind all the words; every single letter that created the masterpiece. i used to live in this bubble of misconception that what i listened to defined who [...]


There is so much building inside my heart. The sorrow I feel is so full that I can't contain the tears and they just fall. Aimlessly. I do not know what it is my heart is trying to say. Am I crying for what was? Am I crying for a release? Am I crying to [...]

not here

The overwhelming memories Faze in and out of my mind Like a visual crescendo of life Passing through the years. Your voice is the audio track Tracing the outlines of what was. Tears stream down my face Starting out warm, Then cold as it reaches my chin. I search for you in my mind. My [...]

communication within nature

Slinking into the weekend after a week of bitter cold, I wanted to re-energize my mind and warm up my body by staying in a bit. By accidentally coming across two documentaries on nature, I was surprised to have been enthralled by them. Although knowing me, I guess it's not that surprising. It was fascinating [...]


Clearing the mind is easier said than done. Like sweeping the rug for every little crumb. Thoughts pour out of me like waterfalls of Niagara. Who said what to who? Was it Sean, Brian, Lee or Sarah? Sorry, I can't focus on this conversation of how life's unfair. May we take a drive, get a [...]

a forever bond

I want to hold her hand, Like she has mine. Walk her to her favorite place, Disregarding the lack of time. Series of film trigger memories Of places I've never seen. To learn of my guardian And her life as early as a teen. She defended me and my honor, Even when I didn't understand [...]

held tight

I felt so overwhelmed and blanketed with my emotions.  I was blinded by them and up until now, I had not realized what that really meant.  I walked outside against the wind and against the cold.  My hoodie was all that I had, plus my keys.  After sitting for several minutes on the crunchy beach [...]

broken bonds

the inevitable came with a tiny drop, rain trickled down one by one, as speckles reflected under the street light, there was a hopeful glance towards the skies. finding a tiny piece of glimmer in darkness, a lost key found under a pile of blankets, the car drove off without hesitation. a bond of thousands [...]

writer’s block

Yearning for words that make sense, My mind wanders from one thought onto another. Loss for words and inspiration leaves me empty; Frustrated by fragmented pieces of ideas and feelings. Fully immersed into the craft, yet, betrayed by the process. Until the next moment when the connections meet, Will the creations become their identities. I [...]