The other day, I planned to go out to the market and before I walked out the door, my friend asked me if I could get her some papayas. I affirmatively nodded as I slowly passed her by. She believes in the power of nutrition and diet. She also believes in spiritual karma and negative [...]


some home cookin’ VII

I haven't made a post like this since January. That's a really long time! My attention has been drawn elsewhere from travel to career to life in between. I recently made some yummy things and I'm happy to share these pieces of moments with you. It gives me happiness and calmness when I can make [...]

sweet memories

when i was a child, my mom loved feeding us kids fruit. she'd slice up oranges, taught us to eat pineapples, showed that some fruit had seeds, some needed skins peeled. she gave us cherries in the summer. it was so delicious. i am so grateful for it all. the sweetness, the taste itself. it's [...]

Orange you sweet and tasty

I really, really, REALLY like this weather.  I like waking up to sunshine.  I like waking up to hearing birds outside.  I like not having to wear a big coat when I go outside.  I also like that with this weather, it means more good fruits are on the market...