change in perspective

I woke up early. Not by choice, but because my body's been conditioned to. It knows there's always a task waiting for me. Long before my eyes can close for rest, there are unfinished projects scattered over the floor. A depiction of my life. Like feng shui does for the mind. I drove over to [...]



The first time you do anything at all, you're not going to feel fully confident. At the same time, there is always a little bit of excitement or anxiety. It's the beauty of it. Another beautiful thing that comes along is that bravery you find in yourself. There's something really sweet, innocent and nostalgic when [...]

scattered matters

A title with a double entendre. Scattered is how my brain feels right now. Competing responsibilities take aim to be number one. How does one even decipher what is more important than another when they all affect my life in varying degrees of fulfillment, happiness or comfort. And although all these matters of life are [...]

moving forward

There are these little baby steps that appear. Out of nowhere, there are traces of movements heading towards one path with little footprints behind me. It's automatic like breathing. Whether there are turns coming or roadblocks, that I do not know. I can't see far ahead. I can't see it at all. I am scared. [...]

papawei scenic lookout | maui, hawaii | travel

A short narration based on a piece I wrote called, our dreams, conveyed through these photographs. The words above were: We flew in from a place that had everything we ever needed. A home to protect us from danger, food that would feed our empty stomachs and love that would warm our hearts until the [...]

realization of a dream

The moment when all my wishful sentiments from the past years came true, it became a moment of complete surrealism for me. This was a personal dream I had for close to a decade. When I caught my breathe, my body suddenly acted without instruction and warm tears in my eyes quickly welled up. They [...]

insert one of those nice inspirational lyrics in songs these days.

It's finally come to me what those quotes and cliches mean about winning and losing "battles" and belief in oneself.  I'm learning more and more to not underestimate what I and others can do.  There are so many remarkable challenges that present themselves and it's only then when the question of whether "can" and "cannot" [...]

lesson2: one is a lonely number

I drew this while sitting at one of the tables of a closed cafe.  The cashier was counting some cash & a gentleman swept the floors and the only things left on the table were salt & pepper. sometimes, the only way things get done well is to be a good teammate.

breaking the boundaries

I like raw.  I like real.  I like differences and I like beginnings and possibilities.  And, as much as I find it annoying most times, in the end, I value mistakes.  They force me to learn lessons I probably would not learn otherwise.  It may not be pretty, it may not be "right" but, it's [...]