may our stars align

stars aligni’m listening to some interviews and creating something on Paint – basically relaxing and taking a break. i have some frozen lasagna heating up in the oven and i feel rather lazy and productive at the same time. to be honest, i’m a little worried and nervous about the future so maybe this painting represents a desire for my stars to align. a sign of some positive progress i can rely on. i know it takes a lot of effort on my part, which i am currently working on. hopefully i can get a signal from the universe that what i’m doing and wanting to do makes sense.

have a peaceful day everyone and thanks for visiting my ol’ little blog.


a day to love

love is there

Long gone are the days in which I’d idolize the suave British actor or the sweet, yet flawed teen heartthrob. I have come a long way. We all have. Relationships can be complicated and layered and I think media makes it very easy to ignore the harder parts. But I also think the joyful, deeply meaningful aspects of love are also missing their mark in our purview of mainstream media. Oh, but then there’s YouTube where real people showcase their real lives each day, so maybe it’s more realistic? I’m not sure. What I do know is, I used to think that romantic love, specifically, was black and white. Two people in love is easy. Hence, the drawing below, salt and pepper belong together, end of story.

Salt and Pepper
Salt and Pepper = best friends love

But then suddenly, something real happens. Reading Alexa Chung’s account on love is amusing and nostalgic. I agree with her in that love is sort of out of our control sometimes.

A few years ago in an interview I was asked to describe what love feels like, and for me at the time it was a matter of fact: “Love feels like there is nothing you can do about it.” I was younger then – and smugger – but even on the other side of it, I believe that statement to be true.

– Alexa Chung On The Highs (And Lows) Of Young Love, Vogue

I used to admire couples so much and I had faith I’d have such a thing as well. I wasn’t annoyed by them at all. I thought they shared something so special and it was something to be celebrated for. Having had first-hand experience, I can honestly say, it is something rather unique, meaningful and valuable. We all should celebrate love. I do not agree with the marketing trickery that comes along with Valentine’s Day, but I do think it is rather important to value the relationships you have in your lives; whether it’s romantic or not and especially if the message isn’t sent and received each day. No need for huge gestures of what the day may stand for; just a simple, “I love you” or “I care about you” will do. <3

teenage love

youth hormones formulate
trials and experiments
with love invested inwards
feelings placed up
reality kicks it back down
heart and body reactions
unseen forces gripped tight
no straight paths
only through and around

chemical reaction

Why d’ya have to be so cute?
It’s impossible to ignore you
Must you make me laugh so much
It’s bad enough we get along so well
Say goodnight and go
– imogen heap, goodnight and go


Somebody broke me once
Love was a currency
A shimmering balance act
I think that I laughed at that
-bleachers, don’t take the money


love heals

I created this paint image the same night I made the “smooth colors” entry a post earlier. It’s hard to imagine that 2018 is coming. Throughout this year, there have been strong, positive forces making important changes and with those waves, I think it’s important that we all remember that love is our greatest power. Love is in the way we live our lives, our values, what we are grateful for, why we keep going and who we are as individuals.

love heals

While going through boxes of childhood treasures, I found a card I received from my grandpa. He usually only sent cards during special occasions like birthdays, graduations and holidays, but this was different. The date was November 14, 2001 and he sent a special message inside. I felt like this was relevant to this post. This was roughly two months after the September 11 attacks. Here is a part of what he says, The world is very unsettled now. But we have to stay positive. Quoting Frank Lloyd Wright “According to our strength of character and our clarity of vision, we will endure, we will succeed, and we will contribute something to life—so we can live it better, brighter and more beautiful.I believe in my grandpa. I believe in his love and love in general.

smooth colors transitions

I had potatoes baking in the oven and leftover basil pesto that needed using up. As the delicious carb-y dish takes its time heating, I listened to podcasts and tried to figure out what it is they wanted to tell me. Media’s become kind of hard to digest lately. So while the podcast chattered, I decided to make digital doodles and here are the “pieces” I created. I titled them “smooth colors” because it’s sort of how it made me feel with my time. Smooth. Enjoyed a night in a warm apartment with my loving partner by my side eating yummy potatoes to satiate my cravings as outside chills and winds blew against the windows. It’s all color in here though :-)


smooth colors


smooth colors2


smooth colors2 with hearts

spaghetti & meatballs digital art

Cooking used to be so intimidating for me. Early on, my mom would ask for my help in the kitchen with simple tasks like cracking eggs in a bowl and making scrambled eggs. I remember one of the first times I did it and pieces of eggshell fell in. She didn’t look bothered at all. “No big deal,” her attitude said to me, as she picked the pieces out. She would ask me to saute some veggies as she would chop more for our dinners a lot of the nights. I really value this time in the kitchen with her. We would have conversations about all sorts of things. She used to tell me how important it is to be able to cook for myself. And she’s right.

spaghetti and meatballsText in the image is: it just takes one dish…one of the first things I ever cooked successfully (on my own) was spaghetti and meatballs. the sauce was my favorite. now, I love cooking.

living peacefully

I wanted to make a digital scrapbook-type image.

draft one

draft two

The above reads: We drove by these creatures of the earth. We saw green grass and blue skies. The trees and grass were of abundance. No longer did our car feel like we were in a sea of others. We were the minority. We were the ones visiting. Maybe we always were. I saw these horses peacefully eating. I wish there was no barricade between us. To live in peace. To live as naturally as we were born to be. What is that life like?

sweet memories

when i was a child, my mom loved feeding us kids fruit. she’d slice up oranges, taught us to eat pineapples, showed that some fruit had seeds, some needed skins peeled. she gave us cherries in the summer. it was so delicious. i am so grateful for it all. the sweetness, the taste itself. it’s […]


Dream catchers of the sky, Grants wishes to hopeful hearts. Guiding lights to sailors on open seas. Dances in the twinkling eyes of lovers Signifies the natural world of wonder Escapes into the blanket of the midnight moon.