Imogen Heap

I love Imogen Heap. I believe my first introduction to her music was from my researching Frou Frou, a duo group she was a part of many years ago. Let Go is my favorite song in one of the best soundtracks I have ever heard from the film Garden State. Her voice is just so [...]


I am ready.

I can feel the wheel of circumstances change. Overwhelming happiness is on the horizon. Never forgetting you. Never ever, ever. Taking the constant feelings seriously. My curiosity for the world is thriving. I am ready.


Tis the season to get out there and enjoy the weather. Rain or shine, I've been out there building a whole new landscape, literally. Child me would be super surprised that this is how I'd like to spend as part of my summer--watering flowers, getting the soil ready and planting seeds. I'd never thought I'd [...]

A view of Mars, they say | Haleakalā National Park | travel

This was a truly unique experience. Seeing planes fly by through the clouds is once in a lifetime. The peace and calm here is incomparable. Check out more information on the National Park Service websites:      

a surreal night | true story

I was in a foreign country, but it was a place I called home at the time. As I sat in the too cool taxi, my aunt talked with me about life stuff I can't quite remember. She asked me to go to the jazz lounge with her that night and see a a famous [...]

first comment on youtube

I just got my first ever YouTube comment on a video I made about the calm life in Oahu, Hawaii. What a great surprise on Earth Day! I am so happy about it because it's a video I made out of complete joy and inspiration for a trip I care so deeply about with full [...]

I play Tetris |Puyo Puyo Tetris

I LOVE Tetris. It's as simple as that. I've played multiple versions of the game. I love Dr. Mario, Bejeweled and Tales of Montezuma to name a few. And well, Puyo Puyo Tetris which is the game featured in the video below. I remember being so good at it. I think I got it from [...]

the trail

Observe the layers of my knitted striped sweater Of sour emotions in sweet candy-filled dreams. De-tangle the pieces of yarn, as I yawn and frown Wandering around sleep's destination of REM. Clear glasses of water collapse onto pristine floors As smashed pieces find themselves hidden doors Of the broken lines of foundation filled to the [...]

love, up-close

As I walked by the little pond, I saw lily pads in a group at the center. The whole environment was calming with a couple of ducks and people from afar. I zoomed in with my camera and saw water lilies scatter among the green leaves. They were small and hard to see. This image [...]

feeling home

Years ago, I visited this no-kill cat shelter and saw this beautiful cat. S/he looked so warm and happy; weren't scared of us or anything at all. I think they felt at home. Look at those cute paws! It's so automatic as a child to feel at home. Well, speaking from my perspective, it was. [...]


Heal. Let yourself take a break. Sometimes our wounds are much larger than we let ourselves recognize. Sometimes we are too hard on our emotions and keep them in. Let them go. Let yourself feel any thing you need to feel. Sadness, love, happiness, joy, jealously, panic. Let them go. Let them be free and [...]

two too many

These photographs were taken during one of the best years of my life. I went on so many adventures and learned more of who I was. I felt free. And yet, it wasn't forever. The photographs stay there and the memories come along, but the reality is still different. It's different because time has passed. [...]