summer begins.

life is beautiful like this. exploring nature to the night and being young and happy no matter our age. no matter the time. to appreciate life as it is. fully. thanks for sharing Beth.

I didn't have my glasses on....

summer begins

up north

with joyful grandie

up late

catching the sunset

in his net. 

“summertime is a period for youthful explorations,

a joyful time when we learn lessons

without grand expectations or harsh consequences.” 

-kilroy j. oldster

sleeping bear dunes national lakeshore, glen lake, empire, michigan, usa

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words for you

spitting out words, seeing where they end up, reflecting back at me gazing tender smiles and tearful sentiments. moments are to be cherished. like all is well with the sun and moon, nights on the beach with ocean waves saying farewell for another well done day. no matter what happened. no matter the successes. because [...]

Redwood National Parks | photo diary post | travel

Happy Earth Day.


Redwoods was comfortable, but at times it took my breath away because of the exhilarating beauty. 

I feel so connected to something so close to my source, my soul. Redwoods gave me peace and calm.

One hike here is not like another. It’s all a different experience.

Fern Canyon

Smith River

The Redwoods changed me. I felt so much peace and connection to the area and the trees. The air reminds me of being at mom and dad’s house and the sea breeze.

Banana slug

…I even love the banana slugs, even though in the past slugs have creeped me out so much.

I was skeptical of coming at all. I thought maybe it’d be too long to be in one place, but I adored it. No access to phone and internet made it easy to relax and chill.


To read my poem, a redwood tree, click here

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how i get inspired

take a nice shower buying an art book with lots of color or information visiting a bookstore that sell used or second-hand books watching a documentary cooking a new recipe taking a walk in nature looking at photographs i've taken listening to calming music traveling to a new place hearing someone tell their story

Droplets of Time

so good.


They were not mere raindrops
sliding down my father’s car windows.
They were colliding and merging worlds.
A game of creation and annihilation.

Droplets of Time, tears of the Soul.
My father’s car is long gone
but I still wonder at the power
of a child’s imagination.

And when it starts raining
there are neither where nor why.
The Silence in my heart helps me
to clarify some of Life’s great mysteries.

© Frédéric Georges Martin

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one choice

I sat in my chair and had a sudden realization that I was exactly where I should be. I made the choice. I made the decision to leap into the possibility of failure; an equal possibility of success. There's this symbolism of one-ness. The internal dialogue we have with ourselves to motivate our intentions. Why [...]

the tree

Roots grounded tightly By the first seeds of life. Nurtured by warmth and water, Growth seeped into the stem. Each day, stronger by the second. Taller by the minute, until it stops. Overlooking a city of lights, Humans from all over. Standing resilient, the tree. Feels so good to post this as my first post [...]

much love 2017

I've changed a bit this year. I am so happy that the posts I created show so much of the nature and peace I've felt throughout 2017. There was much growth and meaning to be had and as each year passes, I want that to continue. I am certain 2018 will be an interesting year. [...]

let love live on

I recently read with wide eyes of memories from long ago. Some not too long ago, maybe a few months back to even as far back as six to seven years ago. In-between these pages of funny nights, favorite restaurant lists and quotes that make us chuckle is time. As I read them aloud, we [...]

Baja Beach Cleanup

What an inspiring story! Never doubt the work one single person can do, let alone 9 or 30 or 1000. We all have the power to make this world a better place to live. Thank you Monica and team! For anyone in the area, they are also doing another beach cleanup in January. Check it out!

Girl For A Clean World

This past weekend, with only 9 volunteers, we took
864 pounds of trash off a deserted beach!

The idea to do this cleanup arose months ago when my dad mentioned there was a beach south of Ensenada where he remembered seeing a lot of trash. He ventured down there years ago when he used to organize adventure races and recalled seeing mounds of plastic on the rocks, especially motor oil bottles. Finally, one weekend back in September, my parents, Fernando, and I made the 3-hour drive down to check out this beach. Two hours past the Mexican border and 1 hour on a rocky, dirt road, we found a beautiful, long stretch of beach surrounded by rugged terrain and dispersed vegetation. We parked the car near the single group of American campers and walked down to see if the trash was indeed still there. There it was, on the rocks…

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Compassion heals.

Such a strong, yet simple message. Thank you Andrea.

Thriving Under Pressure


Listening heals more hearts than talking ever will.

In my early thirties I was going through a particularly tough time in my life.

A trifecta of life events where every pillar in my world came tumbling down.

Out of all the sadness, the times that I remember the most were the small joys and simple pleasures with my family and friends.

No matter how complicated and messy life became, it was their unwavering support that pulled me through.

“Just being there” is more powerful than most people realize.

Afternoons with my Dad walking down country roads. Weekends with my Mom at the dollar store. Sundays with my big sister at Tim Hortons.

Surprise phone calls from my two brothers. Relaxing with old friends in their cozy homes  — long past the time and energy they initially had for me.

The best kind of love is simple. It creates a safe space to lose…

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