cycling patterns

the space in my heart replicates our home emptiness without notice swung onto restless cycles of sleepless half awake, half dreaming. wandering continuously in endless circles. like swinging swings of metronomes back and forth, back and my heart in the space.  


teenage love

youth hormones formulate trials and experiments with love invested inwards feelings placed up reality kicks it back down heart and body reactions unseen forces gripped tight no straight paths only through and around Why d'ya have to be so cute? It's impossible to ignore you Must you make me laugh so much It's bad enough [...]

twinkling love stars

You laughed the stars Into the sky Twinkling along Mountains at night For everyone to see Wishing and dreaming A love that stays as True and bright. Cubby created the first two lines with her writing prompt: Laughter. Now that I realize the title of the poem prompt, this post could have gone another way [...]


There is so much building inside my heart. The sorrow I feel is so full that I can't contain the tears and they just fall. Aimlessly. I do not know what it is my heart is trying to say. Am I crying for what was? Am I crying for a release? Am I crying to [...]

smooth colors transitions

I had potatoes baking in the oven and leftover basil pesto that needed using up. As the delicious carb-y dish takes its time heating, I listened to podcasts and tried to figure out what it is they wanted to tell me. Media's become kind of hard to digest lately. So while the podcast chattered, I [...]

Film review: 33 Postcards, directed by Pauline Chan

About an hour or two ago, I was sitting on my couch seeking something to entertain me and to occupy my time, as I fight off this sudden cold I have.  I came upon this.  The film, 33 Postcards (click on link to view the official website) by Pauline Chan, was so captivating that I [...]

Feb., I love you

Shortest month of the year and yet, Feb., I love you.  I wanted to post something before March comes by tomorrow and turns everything long again.  February is short and sweet.  It's cute and whimsical. I woke up this morning feeling sort of in a daze and sort of in a sour mood, but having [...]