inspirational feelings

inspirational feelings

hold onto your dreams
no matter where you go
no matter your age
no matter who you become
never let go

Watching and reading so many motivating and inspiring pieces of work. Of creators who put their talent, time, artistic and intelligent ideas to use. To create a solid foundation for their dreams. There is no limit to what any one of us can do. There is no limit to who we want to be and what we want to achieve. I don’t think we have to choose one thing over the other; one dream, one career, or one action over another. There is no right or wrong or fast or slow. We exist because we do. We exist however we want to. I made this art piece from these inspirational feelings. Gratitude from my heart for all of it; every single time.







António Marques Photography | inspiration

António Marques Photography | inspiration

as someone who strives and admires genuine emotions and deep thoughtfulness, i tend to really feel moved when i see art. i smiled in my heart seeing António’s ‘About the smiles (II)’ photograph, which is the first one featured. i feel inspired to capture in my photographs the emotions of the people, the environment and the moment in that time as the following photographs do.


source here


source here


source here


source here


source here

(photographs by António Marques Photography at

Thank you António for letting me feature your work!

Brittany Spencer | inspiration

Brittany Spencer | inspiration

i am always excited to see Brittany’s blog posts. her content is just very unique, inspiring, educational and overall productive. i hope i can lead a dynamic creative life like her someday as she is a teacher, graphic designer and papermaking artist.



Remember to never forget the rush of flying toward the sky with the help of a swing-set, hiding from monsters underneath bed-sheet forts, that pets are the greatest secretkeepers, and that lightning bugs are fairies in disguise. Today’s culture focuses so much on what a child should learn from adults. My art focuses on the opposite: What can adults relearn from children to better enjoy our daily lives? What magical and fun occurrences are overlooked in this busy, straight-forward world?


A few posts I particularly found interesting:

My Rigged Mould & Deckle
My MFA Thesis Show
Design I // Texture
Design I // Line Explosion

(images, links and quote source)

Thanks Brittany for letting me feature your work!



coolpeppermint – memories and musings | inspiration

coolpeppermint – memories and musings | inspiration

i enjoy the posts Lu makes on her blog. she mixes in really thoughtful posts/questions, amusing observations on life and beautiful artwork she has created. she has an eye for meaningful moments.


Thinking is thinking: chaotic and constant. Feeling is feeling: sometimes uncontrollable and inexplicable and discomforting. Writing’s sorting through that. If my head were a tree raining varied thought-leaves, then writing’s my little rake.




When I close my eyes I imagine we’re all just souls inhabiting bodies. That these are just vessels and they’ve been painted on, molded, shaped and sculpted. We don’t choose which we inhabit; we simply do. When I’m searching around for others beings, I’m trying to sense these vessel occupants. Over time our outsides start to reflect our insides, so it gets easier.


On the car ride home I detected, from the smoky poof of our deep conversation, wispy strands of respect in your eyes.


(all images, words, artwork source)

Thank you Lu for letting me share your work here!

melissa f. kaelin | inspiration

melissa f. kaelin | inspiration

it’s hard to choose my favorite, so i won’t, i don’t need to. they each have their own beautiful message and character. the blending of the colors of the skies are so smooth and natural. i hope to paint like this one day.


(images source: melissa f. kaelin)

Thank you Melissa for allowing me to show your paintings here :)

Light & Color Lab | inspiration

Light & Color Lab | inspiration

to continue the “colorful” posts, here are some cool graphics/photographs. a lot of science, color and creativity.



After prolonged use of exogenous chemicals, our brain chemistry becomes re-wired. The firing patterns of our neurons physically become different when our body becomes used to a chemical equilibrium produced by an addictive chemical.





dopamine and serotonin systems can explicitly affect our decision making and ultimately what we do







We undergo homeostatic interface changes multiple times every day & sometimes barely even notice it.


(images and words source: Light & Color Lab)

imsabrinarose | inspiration

imsabrinarose | inspiration

was inspired by seeing sabrina‘s artwork. i love how she exemplifies details in various medium of art.



I want to hold your hand with our feet in the ocean,

and feel your arms wrap around my waist while the salt air rushes by. 

The night would be cold but your face would be so warm on my neck.

California doesn’t know you, but neither do I. 

Life’s thrill is in the unknown and I hear it in your words that you agree.


Here I am at night;

But you’re still not with me.

Maybe that’s okay?

(images and words found: imsabrinarose)

thank you to sabrina for allowing me to show her beautiful work