how i get inspired

take a nice shower buying an art book with lots of color or information visiting a bookstore that sell used or second-hand books watching a documentary cooking a new recipe taking a walk in nature looking at photographs i've taken listening to calming music traveling to a new place hearing someone tell their story


more 2/17/18 thoughts

I'm feeling this overflow of inspiration. Not a feeling of complete freedom and happiness, but the kind of creativity that has puffy eyes from insomnia or intensity from the heart and the mind. Something raw. Something imperfect. A need that surges through all the pathways in my body and craves a way to keep flowing [...]

mixed media piece

Good morning you, feeling lots creative lately, which is always a good thing for me.  created this mixed media piece yesterday. it was def a process for me.  i love letting my mind flow and create and grateful that i have the art supplies and resource right at home.  it's always a comfort to have [...]

life in the box

I sit with him on this couch. Each of us side by side. Working, chatting and focusing. I know life will be different One day. we change and make things better all the time. One day, There will be room more room to walk and run But for now, Ill cherish this life in a [...]

purple – a serious color

This represents the cold winters in which I had to walk to work.  This color reminds me of grace, love and importance. The tightness of the knitting is the strength of will the human race has. Diverging and intercepting lines create new paths towards new ends and new beginnings. Won't you take this purple seriously? [...]

colored lights in bathroom photography

Cute Boy has been working with different colored lights and I found an opportunity to take some photographs with them. These photos remind me of the French film class I took in college.  My professor introduced me to films of artists from the French New Wave era.  They were films that were/are very artistic, dramatic [...]

Hiking: a view from the top

Even when I thought I reached the top, there was still more to go.  It was a very interesting place to be at; to see where I've traveled and to recognize I had more to go.  I felt accomplished when I reached what I thought was the finality, but then to only see another challenge, [...]

Feb., I love you

Shortest month of the year and yet, Feb., I love you.  I wanted to post something before March comes by tomorrow and turns everything long again.  February is short and sweet.  It's cute and whimsical. I woke up this morning feeling sort of in a daze and sort of in a sour mood, but having [...]

I’m different.

The moment starts very sloooooooooooooowly. ..... I can feel the pressure in my chest and up to my eyes. ..... Tears stream down my face and as my sorrow surrenders, I am relieved. I am  l o s t. When I finally reached the bottom, I felt like there was no way for me to [...]