Interview with interpretive park ranger Vivian Wang

Ever since I started watching documentaries about food waste, climate change, fast fashion and others, I began to really look at how my actions were in connection to these issues. I believe this really sparked my passion for nature more than I ever have. I developed a new appreciation for the world. National parks and [...]


Interview with fashion designer Anine Paulsen

I truly appreciate and admire good design. It could be someone's website, the architecture of a building, a handmade card, and even someone's haircut. You get the idea. I love the details. I am almost too detailed-oriented (and do not confuse that with a neat freak, as I assure you, I am not). After seeing [...]

Interview with artist and entrepreneur Kristina Moy

I've always admired the dreamers. The ones who inspire with their vulnerability and trust in honest living and creating a life that truly makes them happy. If we allow it, our passion can lead us onto different, amazing paths and will manifest itself in many opportune ways. I have a friend who has such a [...]

Interview with photographer, filmmaker and artist Jesse Richards

There have been a few questions I've been thinking about recently regarding art.  What is considered art?  "Good" art? What does it mean to be an artist and to live an artist life? Filmmaker Jesse Richards is an artist who represents these questions for me.  He's been challenging the standards and supporting the undiscovered artists [...]

Interview with singer and songwriter Ciara Catalla

Music universally connects all of us to one another.  There have been many days in my life when the songs I listened to made me feel alive and inspired.  It's the singers who really convey that feeling and translates the song into something we can all relate to and care about.  Passionate, angelic and sweet [...]

Interview with world traveler extraordinaire Karen Knauff, The Squeaky Robot

After a day of work, I often find myself relaxing by browsing the web.  I usually come across articles or pieces that are visually-based.  My eyes become hoarders of photographs of foreign lands, foods I've never eaten and paintings I never could have imagined myself.  But then there are these rare moments, when I come [...]

Interview with photographer Alicia Savage

After looking through Alicia Savage's photographs, I felt like I was brought into a quiet and calm dream world.  With her use of different environments, colors and scenarios, it wasn't hard for me to stop and stare for a moment.  As Savage's face was covered in each of the photographs, (whether hidden within her hair [...]

Interviewing, why?

Interviewing is a kind of writing I like to do.  I consider myself rather serious when it comes to interviewing and hearing the stories of others.  I am a huge fan of interviews; whether they're morning talk shows, late-night comedians, or serious Inside Actors Studio-esque programs or myself asking questions to the people around me [...]

Interview with painter and poet Benjamin M. Prewitt

There aren't enough words to describe the creative talent that is Benjamin M. Prewitt.  At first glance, his paintings grabbed me and somehow made me feel whole.  The photo above is a photograph of one of them.  I could look at them for hours.  Much like his paintings, Prewitt exudes passion, love and grace with [...]

Interview with singer, songwriter, musician and composer Rae Hering

Rae Hering, who is based in Nashville Tennessee, is an exceptionally gifted artist.  At first listen, you'll think that you'll have heard her before with her sweet, sultry voice.  She will impress you with her smooth piano and guitar playing.  With an album already under her belt, Rae is only just beginning.  She writes in [...]