not here

The overwhelming memories Faze in and out of my mind Like a visual crescendo of life Passing through the years. Your voice is the audio track Tracing the outlines of what was. Tears stream down my face Starting out warm, Then cold as it reaches my chin. I search for you in my mind. My [...]



I honor you today for your service. For having been one of the most interesting, brave and admirable people I have ever known. I think of you all the time. It is who you were as a person that I constantly follow as a role model for me; to be kind and to be honest. [...]

blind no more

For so long, I didn't recognize the image that M***** had seen. I couldn't comprehend her choice to walk on the path of struggle; towards a life that would create pain. But I see it so, so clearly now. It was inevitable now I see. As a  young child, you try to your best to [...]

painted skies

I stared out onto the sky for hours. Seeing how it changed from moment to moment. The transitions happened so seamlessly and whenever I blinked, there was a new transformation. An airplane from afar flew by; painted the sky with its own clouds of patterns. Catching the sunset is so humbling. Brings me down from [...]

our bridge

the bridge that built between us extended beyond our expectations. a friendship valued as family a spirit connected through lifetimes. i am thankful to have you in my life. a love deeper than any film portrayal a kindness more sweet than rose petals a generosity as selfless & innocent as a child. thank you

here. with me.

the weight of you hand on mine, whispers from your voice clings. the nearness of your being being held so tightly feels like being alive. like being loved. to be loved. to love. the smirk that hangs on your face, makes the visage just right. how we walk out of pace, our differences in height [...]

take care

The mind has its own mind. It will keep going, thinking, planning, worrying, strategizing long after my head rests on the pillow. There's this conflict at play. Breathing usually assists in balancing the whole being. Like opened windows in summer's day as new air freshens long dormant corners and walls. The machine of my body [...]

love first

I wish I could see the sonogram of your heart, When your love first became a seed and grew bigger. With each passing day, limbs grew and feelings developed. Your heart became more than what it looked like. It could flex and move, bigger and smaller. It could break and mend And it had the [...]

snapshot and story, 2/3/18

I remember the day I took this. Years ago, I decided to play around with my dad's "new" camera. He probably bought it a bit ago, but I didn't really care for it until then. Picked it up and decided to just shoot things. Adjusting the different settings not knowing really what it'll do. These [...]

love heals

I created this paint image the same night I made the "smooth colors" entry a post earlier. It's hard to imagine that 2018 is coming. Throughout this year, there have been strong, positive forces making important changes and with those waves, I think it's important that we all remember that love is our greatest power. [...]

let love live on

I recently read with wide eyes of memories from long ago. Some not too long ago, maybe a few months back to even as far back as six to seven years ago. In-between these pages of funny nights, favorite restaurant lists and quotes that make us chuckle is time. As I read them aloud, we [...]

love slowly

we held onto each other, spun around and around in a circle, eyes locked, hearing no sound. like seagulls flying, watching from below, an outer body experience time moved very slow. love isn't clean, there are no set rules, a trusting heart fulfills no need for any jewels.